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Heeley Surgical SIR
Introducing the Heeley Surgical SIR -
Self-Illuminated Hand Held Retractor
The lighted retractor with no need
for a light source…
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Heeley Surgical SIR Retractor
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Standard Pattern Bipolar Forcep 8cm - 1mm Tip
Was £11.00 each - Now £8.80 each

Standard Pattern Bipolar Forcep 18cm - 1mm Tip
Was £11.00 each - Now £8.80 each

Standard Pattern Monopolar Forcep 20cm - Serrated Tip
Was £13.00 each - Now £10.40 each

Diamond Burr - Pear Shape Large
Was £1.50 each - Now £1.20 each

Diamond Burr - Barrel Shape
Was £1.40 each - Now £1.12 each

Swann-Morton Polystyrene Handle fitted with
Surgical Blade (No.15 Blade)
Was £0.25 each - Now £0.20 each

Podiatry Pack (3 Pcs)
1 x Nipper concaved blade leaf spring 14cm
1 x Nail Scraper/Probe Swan Neck/Flat Head
1 x B.P. Scalpel Handle No.3
& Complimentary Sterile Field
Was £4.20 each - Now £3.36 each
While stocks last!!
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