The Benefits of 'Heeley Surgical Ltd' Sterile Single Use Instruments

Information available to healthcare professionals has, in the past, offered rather mixed messages in relation
to the efficiency of Sterile Single Use surgical instruments.
Whilst presenting a very obvious solution to the time and cost involved in decontamination and sterilisation,
there has also been concern in regard to their safety and the cost effectiveness of Sterile Single Use surgical
As time has passed, and Sterile Single Use instruments have reduced in price and found a more mainstream
use in a full variety of surgical procedures, the benefits can now be seen to far outweigh any possible

Decontamination & Sterilisation
With 'Heeley Surgical Ltd' Sterile Single Use surgical instruments there is an absolute guarantee that each
examination will be performed with a completely clean and sterile instrument, since the 'Heeley Surgical Ltd'
Sterile Single Use instruments are disposed of after each procedure.
This also eliminates the need for a lengthy and costly decontamination process as seen with Reusable
In the case of a smaller surgery or clinic, use of 'Heeley Surgical' Sterile Single Use instruments therefore
removes all the costs and headaches associated with operating an autoclave, including adherence to
compliance regualtions and expenditures such as the dead time spent running decontamination cycles.
The HTM 2030 guidelines for National Decontamination mean that small practices and surgeries now have to
comply with the same standards as set for Sterile Service facilities in NHS Acute Trusts, and achieving such
compliances is a very significant cost in terms of both finance and manpower.

Risk Management
Managing the risk of infection and cross-infection will be high on the agenda of every healthcare professional.
The danger posed by 'prion diseases' such as 'Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease' (vCJD), and the like, is a
major consideration when considering a move to Sterile Single Use surgical instruments. It is reported that
the prion found in neurological tissue that infects a person with vCJD, is able to survive for up to 10
decontamination cycles, suggesting that many Reusable surgical instruments are actually being utilised in a
contaminated state.
Selecting 'Heeley Surgical Ltd' Sterile Single Use surgical instruments therefore reduces the risk of
iatrogenic infection and provides improved peace of mind for both surgeons and healthcare managers.
All 'Heeley Surgical Ltd' Sterile Single Use surgical instruments are marked with the internationally
recognised logo for "Single Use" and the words Single Use, also the CE Mark, in accordance with the British,
European and International quality management systems ISO 13485.
Anything that has this mark on it is a single use item intended for disposal after one patient use.

Instrument Traceability
Every item of the 'Heeley Surgical Ltd' Sterile Single Use surgical instrument range is individually traceable
all the way back to it's production date and batch, with a tear off ID strip that can be placed on patients notes.
It is recommended that the ID numbers for traceability are recorded on the patients notes. This can be useful
for investigation of compliance occurring after surgery is completed.

Logistics And Supplies
Expansion of the role of GP surgeries and the development of Poly-Clinics will see an increasing number of
Minor Surgery procedures being carried out in Primary Care settings.
It is essential that such centres have sufficient quantities of ready to use sterile surgical equipment, but
retaining stocks of expensive Reusable surgical instruments is far from cost effective. In addition, time
constraints of sending Reusable surgical instruments out to regional sterilisation centres will lead to delays in
procedures and last minute cancellation lists.
Purchasing 'Heeley Surgical Ltd' Sterile Single Use surgical instruments allows the clinic to manage their
own supplies in line with their demand at a low cost.

Cost Allocation
With current financial constraints and an increasingly cost aware health service, it is important that the true
cost of each procedure can be accurately assessed.
When opting for 'Heeley Surgical Ltd' Sterile Single Use surgical instruments and Procedure Packs, these
costs are simple and easy to calculate.
However, attributing cost when using Reusable surgical instruments is seldom as accurate, as the true cost
of sterilisation and instrument tracking is difficult to record, with many costs hidden in utility bills and staffing

Environmental Impact
Sterile Single Use surgical instruments fall under the legal definition of clinical waste, and must be disposed
of in accordance with the National and European Clinical Waste Regulations, which currently mean that they
go for incineration and landfill, raising concerns as to their environmental impact.
However it is very important to recognise that 'Heeley Surgical Ltd' can offer an alternative to incineration and
landfill (click here).
A Reusable surgical instrument has to undergo the thorough decontamination and sterilisation regime, which
includes the use of large amounts of water, detergent, steam & electricity, to prepare it for re-use. In addition,
there may be transport considerations if the facilities are not on site.
The environmental impact of the use of the utilities and detergents must be assessed when comparing the
ecological effects of Sterile Single Use to Reusable instruments.

The relative cost of using 'Heeley Surgical Ltd' Sterile Single Use surgical instruments compares very
favourably with the alternative of the re-sterilisation of Reusable instruments, when one considers all the
overheads associated with the latter option.
Staff time, equipment maintenance, utility consumption and replacement instruments are just some of the
costs associated with in-house decontamination and sterilisation, along with administration costs of
instrument tracking and management.
Enforcement of the National Decontamination Strategy will only increase these expenses, as many
autoclaves will need to be replaced with the latest compliant models and many buildings refurbished to allow
for segregated 'clean' and 'dirty' rooms.

Taken on balance then, it is evident that use of 'Heeley Surgical Ltd' Sterile Single Use surgical instruments in
place of Reusable instruments will generate:
Improved cost efficiency
Improved clinical management
Improved managerial peace of mind
Improved patient care
Improved waste reduction
Improved infection control
Reduction in CO2 emissions
Reduction in your carbon footprint

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Single Use - The Benefits
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